AAT Ambient air temperatureC  
ABP Absolute barometric pressurekPa  
AC Air conditioning enable   
ACC Air conditioning compressor   
ALVEngineAbsolute load value%  
APAEngineAccelerator pedal active- / on  
APEngineAccelerator pedal position%  
APDEngineAccelerator pedal position D   
APEEngineAccelerator pedal position E   
BP Brake pressure%  
BS Brake switch   
CELEngineCalculated engine load%  
CCA Cruse control active   
CCS Cruise control set   
CCSS Cruise control set speedkph  
CCVS Cruise control vehicle speedkph  
CMV  Control module voltage  
CTB1S1Engine Catalyst temperature bank 1 sensor 1C  
CTB1S2Engine Catalyst temperature bank 1 sensor 2C  
CTB2S1Engine Catalyst temperature bank 2 sensor 1C  
CTB2S2Engine Catalyst temperature bank 2 sensor 2C  
CTDOY Current time, day of year   
CTHOUR Current time, hour   
CTMIN Current time, minute   
CTMON Current time, month of year   
CTSEC Current time, second  
CTYEAR Current time, day of year  
DEFR Defroster, rear  
DFHDoorDoor, front hatch  
DFLDoorDoor, front left  
DFRDoorDoor, front right  
DLOCKDoorDoor lock  
DRHDoorDoor, rear hatch  
DRLDoorDoor, rear left  
DRRDoorDoor, right rear  
ECTEngineEngine coolant temperatureC 
EFREngineEngine fuel rateL/hr 
EOLR Engine oil life remaining% 
EOPEngineEngine oil pressure  
EOTEngineEngine oil temperatureC 
ESEngineEngine statuson, off, starting, stopping 
ET Elapsed timesec 
ETPREngineEngine throttle position, relative% 
FDL Fob, door lock  
FDU Fob, door unlock  
FITEngineFuel injection timingdegrees 
FLWFuelFuel low warning- / on 
FSSFuelFuel system status  
FTLFuelFuel tank level% 
FUELFuelFuel type  
HVCDAHVACDefroster air vent  
HVCFAHVACFresh air vent  
HVCFSSHVACFan speed   
HVCRAHVACRecirculating air vent   
HVCTSLHVACTemperature select, left   
HVCTSRHVACTemperature select, right   
IATEngineIntake air temperatureC  
IMAPEngineIntake manifold absolute pressurekPa  
KACC Key, accessory position  
KD Key detect  
KIN Key inserted  
KON Key to start/on position  
LFL Lights, fog lights 
LHB Lights, high beam 
LHL Lights, headlights 
LPL Lights, parking lights 
LTFT1EngineLong term fuel trim bank 1  
LTFT2EngineLong term fuel trim bank 2  
LS Light switch position  
MAFEngineMass air flowg/sec 
PB Parking brake  
RNGEST Estimated rangekm 
RPMEngineEngine RPM  
SBFL Seat belt, front left 
SDIRTransmissionShifter direction  
SHIFTTransmissionShifter position  
SMODETransmissionShift mode  
STFT1EngineShort term fuel trim bank 1 % 
STFT2EngineShort term fuel trim bank 2 % 
SWAWheelSteering wheel angledegrees
SWROCWheelSteering wheel rate of changedegrees 
T EngineEngine throttle position% 
TAEngineTiming advancedegrees 
TC Traction control- / off
TDIST Total distance traveledkm 
TPFLTireTire pressure, front leftkPa 
TPFRTireTire pressure, front rightkPa  
TPRLTireTire pressure, rear leftkPa  
TPRRTireTire pressure, rear rightkPa  
TPVTireTire pressure valid, all tires   
TPVFLTireTire pressure valid, front left   
TPVFRTireTire pressure valid, front right   
TPVRLTireTire pressure valid, rear left   
TPVRRTireTire pressure valid, rear right   
TRIPA Odometer trip A   
TRIPB Odometer trip B   
TSHLightsTurn signal, hazard- / on  
TSLLightsTurn signal, left- / on
TSRLightsTurn signal, right- / on
TSSLLightsTurn signal switch, left   
TSSRLightsTurn signal switch, right   
UDTransmissionUpshift / Downshift   
VIN Vehicle Identification Numberstring  
VS Vehicle speedkph  
WSFLWheelWheel speed, front leftkph  
WSFRWheelWheel speed, front rightkph  
WSRLWheelWheel speed, rear leftkph  
WSFRWheelWheel speed, rear rightkph  
WWWiperWindshield wiper, front   
WWCWiperWindshield wiper, constant   
WWFWiperWindshield wiper, fast